About Us

Welcome to Golden Banks Soapery. We're so happy you're here. 


Golden Banks is no doubt here today because of my son. As a new mom I agonized over the products I was putting on and into my body. Starting with pregnancy I cut out my medical grade skincare like retinols, avoided certain medications and watched the foods I was eating to help my baby grow as healthily as possible. Some changes were easy to navigate -- like drinking more water, eating healthier & taking vitamins. However, I became overwhelmed when looking for products I felt comfortable using on my body.
For my newborn I sought to use the gentlest, most pure ingredients on his delicate skin. I looked up conventional products marketed to be natural, organic, & "safe." I quickly realized that even if products claim to be this way, they often are not. I learned that conventional soaps sold in stores are actually more akin to detergents. Chemically processed, filled with additives & loaded with preservatives. Not ingredients I would want to expose my baby's brand new skin to.  Especially when you think of something that should be so nourishing & innate like washing.  

 There I was -- a mom looking for a solution. So I made one. 

Soap was and continues to be our cornerstone product. We have since expanded into formulating other nourishing & fun bath products. Including our luxuriously rich bath truffles, exfoliating & moisturizing sugar cubes, cleansing shampoo bars & more.

Golden Banks products are handmade, small batch, artisan products. We handcraft each batch and infuse our products with luxurious ingredients like silk fibers, essential oils & natural additives. Not only do they provide a pleasurable washing experience, but you can feel good about using them knowing that :

We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients that are free of sulfates, phthalates & parabens.

We source from suppliers who are cruelty free and do not practice animal testing

 We use environmentally friendly practices when possible

    You will  LOVE them! 
    Our soap bars are made to be beautiful, but, our primary intent with every formulation is that they will lovingly cleanse your skin. So, get ready to pamper yourself and elevate your washing experience. You deserve it!